Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Surf Sirenas Return to Our Beloved Costa Rican Paradise

Every year Siren Surf Adventures anxiously awaits our return to the jungle surf paradise of Costa Rica. Pavones is such an awesome wave and truly is world class. The town ain’t too shabby either and we have made some amazing friends there. The more we visit the more friends we make. There really isn’t a place in the world quite like it. Famous for being at the “end of the road” yet feels more like you’re at the end of the world with it’s magical beauty and endless waves. We feel so lucky to have been invited to do what we do there and look forward each year to return. It’s not an easy place to get to but that is part of it’s charm. Once you’re there you feel cut off from everything that is going on in the world outside of the lush jungle. The only thing that matters there is what the waves are going to be like, whether or not you are going to see a sloth or run into some squirrel monkeys doing their daily swing to the beach for sunrise and sunset. Light showers work with the shining sun to cool off your day as you listen to a myriad of birds singing nearby. The howlers always give you a head’s up warning that rain is on it’s way while the thunder rolls a mighty roar and lightening X-rays the sky. It’s mango season and the trees throw the lovely fruits at you in bunches. Nobody pays for mangos…they’re free! Simply magical. Here are a few surf shots from this years 2016 Costa Rican surf adventure. Hope to see each one of you there next year! We guarantee it’s worth it!

A hummingbird nest right outside the door of our cabin!

Coach Kristy with a sneaky Noseride on her 5'2 Chris Birch Mini Simmons.

Our great friend, awesome surfer and the bestest massage therapist Tasia Jones!

Coach Cat stalling the CJ Nelson noserider at our favorite left point.

The Koto Cross Stepping down the point!

Miss Carole getting her groove on a beautiful end of the road left!

Friday, March 18, 2016


The Lineup! #pointbreaksrule
Work sucks and surf travel is awesome. This is a fact so why would anyone ever take their precious little time off to travel and surf at a mediocre wave? Why wouldn't you take your vacation at one of the best waves in the world? Too few people have way too little amount of vacation time. Don't blow it. Spend your hard earned dollars on a surf vacation at a top notch surf destination rather than surf at another run-of-the-mill wonky beach break. Granted, there are a few worthwhile beach breaks out there in the world but when we were professional surfers touring the world surfing contests and photo shoots, we never wasted our time and made sure the wave we surfed was a quality wave. Now as surf consultants we made sure to secure our spot in the line-up at the best left-point break in Mexico. Check out these photos to see why you should do the same and come ride with us!!!

Coach Cat ... All Shakas!

Coach Kristy enjoying the benefits of a long peeling wave!

Peter, one of our guests, with plenty of time to practice his trim. 

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Releasing Baby Leatherback Turtles in Mexico!

Soon after we arrived in Mexico in January, friends of ours camping on the beach had a bizarre thing come wondering up the beach towards their campsite. A Leatherback turtle momma was headed towards their camp to lay her eggs. Luckily our friends saw her, and spread the word to keep a watchful eye out for the nest. Lots of different things would like to get their hands (mouths) on turtle eggs... mostly dogs and people! So thank goodness the eggs faired well and about a month and a half later on a beautiful Mexico late afternoon, we spotted the little guys making their way down the beach and towards the sea. It was radical! We had seen several Green Turtles (aka Black Turtles on the Pacific Coast) lay eggs and had seen a safe release, but Leatherbacks not so much. We are so stoked we got to be a part of this most amazing experience of nature.

The Baby Turtles attracted a crowd.

Go baby turtle GO!

Those footprints can be hard to climb out of!

I think I can, I think I can...

The kids were digging the baby turtles!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Costa Rica 2014 The Year of the Sloth

Maybe it’s because we’ve had amazing training by Central American Wildlife specialist Clyde at the Taskita Lodge in Costa Rica, but we’ve gotten pretty good at finding and identifying animals in the wild canopy. Someone once commented on how “it would be a lot easier to see the animals, if it wasn’t for all these trees!” It’s true, it IS hard to spot the animals because the jungle is overwhelmingly thick and the animals of the rainforest have evolved to hide or die. Siren Surf Adventures has been working with Clyde for the last 4 years taking our guests on weekly 2 hour hikes through the wondrous rain forest in the most southwestern part of Costa Rica. Or maybe the sloths just happened to be out at the same time we happen to be driving by. The slowness of a sloth IS it’s camouflage, not to mention they look like the big termite hives that you see cuddled in between the branches in the trees above you. For whatever reason, we saw HEAPS of sloths this year in Costa Rica, and we’re stoked. Here is a collage of our Costa Rica Surf Retreat 2014 Year of the Sloth Season:

3 Toed Sloth! This guys hung out for days!

Sloth Obsessed!

2 Toed Sloth at night.

The ladies checking out the 2 toed sloth.

2 Toed sloth we saw on our way back from dinner.

We saw so many amazing animals and birds. Here is a Toucan.

Close encounter with friendly Scarlett Macaws.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Hola Costa Rica!!!

The next stop on our 2014 Siren Surf Adventures tour is to Pavones, Costa Rica. Considered to many as the best wave in Central America, this 150 yard long left point break is coach Cat's favorite wave on our tour. The town is a small surf village that is home to many of Costa Rica's best young surf stars, including the McGonagle kids, Noe and Leilani McGonagle. Born and raised in Costa Rica, not only do these two kids rip, they are pleasant, respectable human beings and are very likable. It's awesome to watch these kids surf with the other local ripper kids on a wave of such high quality. Watching them will definitely improve your own surf skills. We look forward to spending another few months at the "end of the road" Costa Rica, with our great friends that we have made in the town. We especially can't wait to surf this amazing wave and eat the best Italian food you'll ever put in your mouth at our beautiful friend Rosella's Italian restaurant named La Bruschetta!!! Yummmmmm!!!

Siren Surf Crew Checks Out Da Surf!

Coach Kristy Murphy slides down a nice one!

Leilani McGonagle

Leilani's brother Noe

Best Pizza EVER!!! Thanks La Bruschetta...we miss you!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Dia de los NiƱos: the Siren Surf Adventures team gives back to the Locals.

One of our favorite days in Mexico, is a day we created at Siren Surf Adventures to give back to the communities that have give us so much. We get to surf awesome waves all season in these little villages so we decided to take one of our days off and threw a beach barbecue surf day for all the kids and their families in our area. We bought heaps of hot dogs and hamburgers, rallied a few volunteers, gathered up as many soft boards as possible and had a blast. What a great event. Over 50 kids and parents showed up to learn how to surf. Kristy, Cat, and local surf coach Omar as well as a few other gringo volunteers taught them how. La Chuparosa manager Beto Hernandez and his family grilled up a storm to feed all the hungry surfers. What a great event! Can't wait until next year.

Kristy Murphy showing the local kids and a few mom's how to surf!

Local surf coach Omar helps out! 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Getting Schooled in Tortilla Making from the Pro's in Mexico!

One of the most amazing side benefits of our surf retreats is the amazing food we get to eat at each of our destinations. In fact, we love to ask our guests which of our surf retreats has the best food? It’s a hard question to answer, and it’s pretty much been a draw with our visitors but for Kristy and I our favorite destination for food is definitely Mexico. There is something special about all the different chile’s and sauces, fresly made tortillas, local fruits, vegetables, meats and fishes. It’s unreal, and each state in Mexico, has unique flavors and specialty dishes. In our state, the state of Guerrero, there is a meal called Los Coralitos, and is a fresly made thick tortilla, somewhat like a slightly bigger sope or a tortilla pancake. It is then topped with a little butter, plus bean spread if you have it but not necessary, local homemade Mexican cheese, a dab of crema or sour cream and freshly cooked salsa made from the chile arbol. Los Coralitos was historically made in the mountains of Mexico, during times when there was nothing much left to cook so it calls for few ingredients. Sometimes simple IS better and we were lucky to have great friends of ours teach us about this dish as well teach us how to make it from total scratch. What a fun way to share cultures with friends. We had a blast! Big thanks go out to the Hernandez family for walking us gringas through this awesome cooking class! We even got to grind our own corn and cook our own Coralitos tortillas! Super cool and truly unique to Mexico. We love our job!

First there must be fresh local corn! Rinsed and soaked!

Then you got to get to work and grind it up! Here we use a hand cranked grinder.

The chills must be roasted to perfection for the BEST salsa!

You need to add a little water to the Masa, creating the right texture for the tortillas.

Patting out the tortillas. Not as easy as it looks! Mafalda is a pro!

Throw them on the fire till the bubble a little on top!

Top with the fresh local home made goodies like queso fresco and salsa arbol!

AND ENJOY!!! So simple but so delish and bursting with flavor!

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