Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Spray Painting to Give an Old Surfboard New Spunk!

There has been an awesome run of NW swell for the past few days here in San Diego, all over California for that matter. I am a Florida girl at heart so the furthest north I surf is Malibu, and that is usually just in the summer! This swell has been such a nice little gift, not only the great waves but the weather is amazing. There have been warm 80 degree off shores all day and skin burning sunshine all day long. It has been fabulous. In preparation of the new swell I decided to give my Siren 9'0 carbon fiber longboard a face lift. It has a white deck and a neon green bottom that has slowly faded over time from long days sitting on the beach in the sun in Mexico.  So I went to Home Depot, bought some Neon Pink, Purple and Clear spray paint, some masking tape and went to town on some stencils. Pirates are my favorite and I have been known to wear some skulls, so my idea bloomed and my favorite pirate saying was guiding me..."Arrrrr, Walk Me Plank!" Here is my board and my guide to a decent spray job.
1. Before you start spray painting your board, make sure all wax is removed and the bottom/deck is totally clean. 
2. Tape off the area you want to spray. Tape down the stencils where you want them to be. 
3. Lightly sand the area you are going to paint with a really fine sand paper. You just want to rough up the surface a little so the paint adheres better and will hopefully stay on longer.
4. Now you are set to spray. Put a nice even layer, let dry for 10-15 min., then spray another layer of paint. Repeat this till it looks like you have the right opaqueness/ clearness.
5. Let dry 15-20 min. then peel off masking tape/stencils. 
6. After you have completed your design the last thing is to let it al dry really well, then put a layer of clear spray (I like the glossy shiny finish over the satin) over the whole design. 
And poof, you've got a shred stick that looks new and exciting again! 

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