Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Jupiter Dayz

The adventure continues.... After my trip up to Washington DC, I headed south to spend some more time with my family and visit friends in my home town of Jupiter, FL. Jupiter is such a beautiful place and I have always said, if the waves were just a little more consistent, I would never have travelled anywhere else to look for surf. I mean, our water rarely dips under 70 degrees and we get that great clear Caribbean blue color. Not only can you surf out in our waters, but there is great fishing, the diving and snorkeling is great and you can basically do anything on the water all year long. During my visit home I spent a lot of time on the Intercoastal Waterway, our inland water way system that runs just along the coast. This time of year, the manatees are migrating up the coast after visiting South Florida in search of warmer water. Manatees are one of my favorite marine mammals, they are like the elephants of the ocean! I discovered one great way to check out these awesome creatures is by Stand Up Paddling. You can just cruise along with them as they move up the waterway in search of the sea grasses they eat. Since your standing, you get such a great visual perspective and you can spot the animals from far, especially if you have a great pair or polarized sunglasses, like my Costa del Mar Sunglasses! If you ever get to Florida and get a chance, check out the Florida Manatees via SUP, it is an awesome experience!

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The Steel Magnolia House said...

YES! You do get the best vantage point SUPing! Great post!

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