Thursday, September 3, 2009

Kristy Murphy's Surf Adventures Update

Fun waves + nice weather = Good Times!
Da Quiver
The whole ripping gang!
Keep-A-Breast shower cards, t-shirts, bracelets and Emergen-C.
KAB - Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself Ladies!!

The first Coronado Adventure has come to a close, and I am bummed. We had a great group of ladies join us for a week of surfing, yoga, massage, SUPing, wine and LOTS of laughs! I did not want it to end. Everyone in the group had a break-through moment with their surfing during the week. Whether it was learning to maneuver through the impact zone, catching waves solo, or cutting back, their surfing improved before our very eyes. Mother Nature came through as the waves were awesome and we all got PLENTY of warm sunshine! Shockingly to me, one of my favorite times during the week came at sunset where are yoga classes were held, overlooking San Diego Bay from Glorietta Park. Our yoga instructor, Adriana, led us through some awesome post surf stretches that helped us all give 100% in the surf the following day. I also want to give a shout-out to our massage therapist Juda, who gave our tired muscles relief with awesome massages! Big thanks to our sponsors Costa Del Mar Sunglasses, Keep-A- Breast ( check yourself before you wreck yourself!, Siren Surfboards and Kialoa Paddles for all the awesome support! Oh and I absolutely cannot forget to thank you, the strong, adventurous, and fun ladies for being a part of our first week in Coronado! Thanks for Riding With US!
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