Monday, April 9, 2012

Costa Rica Layover - Mexico City Airport

The openings throughout the building let in natural light, and 50% less electric consumption!

Cat hanging out in the very cool, modern Terminal 2 in Mexico City. Next stop Costa Rica.

We have flown through there many times on our way to our Surf Camp in Mexico, but on this trip to our Costa Rica Surf Camp we had quite a long layover which came some time to really take in my surroundings. Usually on layovers we are rushing through immigrations, hauling our 10 board bags through customs and pushing our way through security lines. This time however things went really smoothly and we got to our gate with plenty of time, enough time to really check out Mexico City's very interesting and modern architecture. The WHOLE building structure is small holes, or skylights, that let in natural light during the day and at night, every few "holes" have light bulbs, really cool! Fun fact... the use of natural light will help the airport to consume less than 50% less electricity than other airports. Really take some time to check it out the next time you fly through!

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