Monday, November 12, 2012

Our Hawaiian Summer Adventure

Many of you know that we here at Kristy Murphy’s Siren Surf Retreats  are obviously busy doing a lot of surfing in Hawaii, but here is a little recap of all the adventures other than surfing that we endured in between our surf retreat dates. Please do not feel sorry for us...

Wailuku Coffee Company Surf Art Extravaganza
After the awesome first few sessions of the summer with our ladies, Kristy and I were invited on our own inter-island adventure to Maui, for the "Just Add Paint" art show.  We decided to ask one of our most favorite Siren Surf Retreat enthusiasts, Koto Furue to join us.  Cat’s Hawaiian friends, local surf artists and former World Longboard Champion Dino Miranda, local artist Reuben, and amazing surfer/skater Keoni Perkins, son of legendary Bonga Perkins, invited us to attend an art show showcasing surf art at the Wailuku Coffee Company, in old Wailuku town on the North Shore of Maui.  It turned into a mini "Waikiki Crew" reunion of sorts as Pinoi Makalena, the Goring Ohana- Jackie, Woozer and the kids, Megan Abubo, and Daniel Kalahiki, celebrated with cool Maui locals, tasty Wailuku Coffee Co. grinds and the amazing surf art of three of Hawaii’s, accomplished surfers and artists. 
Maui Art Show!

Artists Reuben, Keoni Perkins and Dino Miranda

 Dino Miranda's Colorific

Mix Match of Dino, Keoni, and Reuben's Art

Old School Waikiki Crew Cat, Jackie and Megan Abubo

DJ Lady Cock show's em how it's done!

Keoni's Pieces and one Dino Bottom Right

Out Front of Wailuku Coffee Co. Maui


Surf Legends Dino Miranda and Megan Abubo

The Aunties! Waikiki Legend Aunty Pinoi Makalena, Tones, and Coco

Old School Waikiki! Cat Danny Kalahiki and Jackie Goring


Megan Abubo and Keoni Perkins

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