Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The 8 Mile Maui Downwinder

Accept life more as an ADVENTURE than a plan! Adventures are way more fun!  That is our motto at Kristy Murphy’s Siren Surf Adventures, and a big reason why people like to come surf with Kristy and I on our retreats is because we definitely put the A in Adventure.  When we aren’t doing our surf tours, Kristy and I basically live our lives the same way we live during our retreats so our lives have become an exciting day-to-day reality where we get to do amazing activities.  We don’t do a lot of planning but somehow the activities never end, and I think it’s because of our “When in Rome” attitude.  A “When in Rome” moment came on another outer-island trip to Maui, we took later in the summer.  Our great friends Megan Abubo and Lani Gomes, two amazing water women, asked us to accompany them on an 8 mile stand up paddle “downwinder.”  The “Maliko Run”, commonly sup’d or prone paddled by Maui locals, is a gorgeous route with the wind at your back, deep open ocean crystal clear water beneath, and Maui’s countryside in your peripheral.  WHAT and AWESOME adventure.  We completed it in about an hour’s time.  Catching open ocean swells on a 14 foot SUP board in pristine water with turtles and other sea life that we shall not name was one of the adventures of my life.  Many MAHALOS to Lani and Megan for making that dream come true.                                                       
Aloha Gang!   

Loading up 5 Downwinder SUP Boards is A LOT of Work!

Cat & Mego!

Kona Preps for the Paddle

Cat Prepping for the Downwinder 
Megan Abubo Leading the Way!

Cat Getting Used to the Big SUP

Lani Gomes our Leader

Da Girls getting out into the Big Blue

Cat Up and Paddling

Kona Girl!

Da View!

Lani guiding Kona back to shore.

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