Monday, July 15, 2013

The Waves!!!! Mexico Again Delivers Perfection for our 2013 Surf Adventure Season!

We wouldn’t be a surf blog if we didn’t write about the waves so here it goes... Some people might not agree, everyone has a wave preference of their own... but Playa La Saladita, a left point break, is the best wave in the country. Sure there is Scorpion Bay...too cold. Sure there is Matanchen...too many mosquitos. We love La Saladita! We love it and that’s why we are there. Most surf retreats are held at beachbreaks. We are, again blessed, with the fact that we have been allowed to take our clients and coach them at the highest quality of waves at each of our destinations. I don’t travel for beach breaks and I trip out on people that do. If i’m going to haul a bunch of surfboards around and pay outrageous travel fees, I’m going to go to an unreal, epic surf spot. As a former professional longboarder and surf photographer I want the gold star, premier, vip surf trip, at a gold star, premier, vip surf spot. Let us show you why we think La Saladita, is the best wave with photos from this 2013 surf season. 

Headed out for another glorious day of surf!

Koto eyes down the line of another nice left.

Jackie practicing keeping her line high on another perfect peeler.

Liana making a nice bottom turn.

The ladies checking out the conditions with Kristy at the point.

Kristy takes her SUP for a spin during a glassy sunset session.

Ilene flying down the line!

The view of the point from our house on the beach.

The line up from where we paddle out.

Kristy finding the nose at her favorite wave in Mexico!

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