Friday, November 15, 2013

Which Surf Wax is the Best Wax for YOU?

Siren Surf Adventures Weekly Surf Tip...WAX
Winter is just around the corner and as the seasons change so should the temperature of your wax. Surf wax comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and smells, but the most important thing you really should know is that wax is made for specific temperatures. There are cold water waxes, cool water waxes, warm water waxes, and tropical water waxes so you really should pay attention and use the proper wax for the temperature of water you are surfing in. If you use a cold water wax in a tropical setting your wax will melt and you will slip off your board. In fact, cold and cool water waxes will heat up and become gooey making it impossible to rub onto your board. However, warm water wax can be used in cold water but it may become a little too hard causing it to become more difficult to spread the wax onto your board. Some like only using warm water wax in cold temps because it will harden due to the drop in degrees which will make some normally gooey waxes  easier to put onto your board. And in some areas that are super tropical, you absolutely absolutely need tropical wax. Warm water wax simply won’t cut it in the blazing heat as the sun and humidity melt it in your car, on your board, and even in the water.

Which Brand should I buy?

A new wax company is created each week.
There is probably one being created right now as I write this blog!  The top pros use special waxes that aren’t even out on the market at your local surf shops yet, so which brand should you use? Each surfer has a brand they prefer and they will usually stick with that through thick and thin. When I first started surfing in the 80’s, EVERYONE in my area used Mr. Zogg’s Sex Wax. If you weren’t using that brand you were a total kook. It’s a harder wax so you had to work twice as hard to rub it onto your board. Mrs. Palmer’s and Bubble Gum were popular too, but I find that wax technology has come a long way so finding a newer brand maybe the way to go. Day Glo has a wax that comes in disco colors. Some people choose the wax they use by it’s smell. There is root beer, coconut, orange and bubble gum smelling waxes. Environmentally conscious people only use biodegradable or organic wax. If you surf a lot and care about the animals around you that eat your leftover bits this may be the wax you choose especially if you surf without a wetsuit and your skin is rubbing on the wax. Most waxes are made up of a lot of weird chemicals that you may not want on your body. I like Sticky Bumps organic because it’s easy to rub onto my board and I don’t feel so guilty when I have a leftover piece that I can’t find when I return from my session. The old timers in Waikiki, barely use any wax at all, or they go to a craft store and buy a parafin block and make it last forever...old school. Sometimes, surf shops will create their own brand of wax and some of those are great and some of those are horrible. Usually, the shops just take a brand name wax and pay for that particular company to put the shop logo over the already established wax and sometimes they invent their own wax. Whichever brand you end up using, old school or new school. I’m sure you’ll think it’s the best. Whatever you do, no matter how good the wax smells NEVER BITE INTO IT! I did that once and it was a huge mistake. I was picking wax out of my teeth for a month! Please tune into our Siren Surf Adventures Channel on YouTube to check out the best way to remove wax off your surfboard! Big Thanks to Ground Swell Surf Shop in Jupiter, Florida
Also BIG THANKS to Ground Swell Surf Shop in Jupiter, Florida for letting us use the shop for our wax shots!

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