Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Playa La Saladita 2014 Here We Come!!!

Returning to the beautiful state of Guerrero, Mexico is always exciting. Playa La Saladita is such a fun wave and this year was a big year for Siren Surf Adventures. Our 2014 surf retreats were filled to capacity with awesome ladies and one brave man as we scored great swells, ate amazing food, and made lots of new friends along the way. One of the most unique aspects of our surf retreats is that our max is 4 students per retreat which really helps to give our students the opportunity to learn the most they can due to the personal attention given which small groups allow. Playa La Saladita is also one of the easiest waves to learn on, work on your style, or simply have a great time as you enjoy the pure stoke that is surfing. Here are a few photos of our students from this 2014 surf season at one of the best waves in Mexico, at Playa La Saladita! For more information about our Siren Surf Adventure surf travel packages please check out our website at www.sirensurfsupyoga.com and email us!

Kristy Murphy hang five action!
Coach Cat cutback!

Ilene practicing her cross steps.

Jackie looking for her first barrel!!!

Pete headed out for a surf.

Dana catching the surf fever!

Erin from BC Canada enjoying the warm waters of Mexico!

View from our house. Nothing like warm peeling point break waves.

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