Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Getting Schooled in Tortilla Making from the Pro's in Mexico!

One of the most amazing side benefits of our surf retreats is the amazing food we get to eat at each of our destinations. In fact, we love to ask our guests which of our surf retreats has the best food? It’s a hard question to answer, and it’s pretty much been a draw with our visitors but for Kristy and I our favorite destination for food is definitely Mexico. There is something special about all the different chile’s and sauces, fresly made tortillas, local fruits, vegetables, meats and fishes. It’s unreal, and each state in Mexico, has unique flavors and specialty dishes. In our state, the state of Guerrero, there is a meal called Los Coralitos, and is a fresly made thick tortilla, somewhat like a slightly bigger sope or a tortilla pancake. It is then topped with a little butter, plus bean spread if you have it but not necessary, local homemade Mexican cheese, a dab of crema or sour cream and freshly cooked salsa made from the chile arbol. Los Coralitos was historically made in the mountains of Mexico, during times when there was nothing much left to cook so it calls for few ingredients. Sometimes simple IS better and we were lucky to have great friends of ours teach us about this dish as well teach us how to make it from total scratch. What a fun way to share cultures with friends. We had a blast! Big thanks go out to the Hernandez family for walking us gringas through this awesome cooking class! We even got to grind our own corn and cook our own Coralitos tortillas! Super cool and truly unique to Mexico. We love our job!

First there must be fresh local corn! Rinsed and soaked!

Then you got to get to work and grind it up! Here we use a hand cranked grinder.

The chills must be roasted to perfection for the BEST salsa!

You need to add a little water to the Masa, creating the right texture for the tortillas.

Patting out the tortillas. Not as easy as it looks! Mafalda is a pro!

Throw them on the fire till the bubble a little on top!

Top with the fresh local home made goodies like queso fresco and salsa arbol!

AND ENJOY!!! So simple but so delish and bursting with flavor!

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