Monday, December 8, 2014

Hola Costa Rica!!!

The next stop on our 2014 Siren Surf Adventures tour is to Pavones, Costa Rica. Considered to many as the best wave in Central America, this 150 yard long left point break is coach Cat's favorite wave on our tour. The town is a small surf village that is home to many of Costa Rica's best young surf stars, including the McGonagle kids, Noe and Leilani McGonagle. Born and raised in Costa Rica, not only do these two kids rip, they are pleasant, respectable human beings and are very likable. It's awesome to watch these kids surf with the other local ripper kids on a wave of such high quality. Watching them will definitely improve your own surf skills. We look forward to spending another few months at the "end of the road" Costa Rica, with our great friends that we have made in the town. We especially can't wait to surf this amazing wave and eat the best Italian food you'll ever put in your mouth at our beautiful friend Rosella's Italian restaurant named La Bruschetta!!! Yummmmmm!!!

Siren Surf Crew Checks Out Da Surf!

Coach Kristy Murphy slides down a nice one!

Leilani McGonagle

Leilani's brother Noe

Best Pizza EVER!!! Thanks La Bruschetta...we miss you!

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