Saturday, June 6, 2015

Costa Rica 2014 The Year of the Sloth

Maybe it’s because we’ve had amazing training by Central American Wildlife specialist Clyde at the Taskita Lodge in Costa Rica, but we’ve gotten pretty good at finding and identifying animals in the wild canopy. Someone once commented on how “it would be a lot easier to see the animals, if it wasn’t for all these trees!” It’s true, it IS hard to spot the animals because the jungle is overwhelmingly thick and the animals of the rainforest have evolved to hide or die. Siren Surf Adventures has been working with Clyde for the last 4 years taking our guests on weekly 2 hour hikes through the wondrous rain forest in the most southwestern part of Costa Rica. Or maybe the sloths just happened to be out at the same time we happen to be driving by. The slowness of a sloth IS it’s camouflage, not to mention they look like the big termite hives that you see cuddled in between the branches in the trees above you. For whatever reason, we saw HEAPS of sloths this year in Costa Rica, and we’re stoked. Here is a collage of our Costa Rica Surf Retreat 2014 Year of the Sloth Season:

3 Toed Sloth! This guys hung out for days!

Sloth Obsessed!

2 Toed Sloth at night.

The ladies checking out the 2 toed sloth.

2 Toed sloth we saw on our way back from dinner.

We saw so many amazing animals and birds. Here is a Toucan.

Close encounter with friendly Scarlett Macaws.

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