Sunday, July 5, 2015

Releasing Baby Leatherback Turtles in Mexico!

Soon after we arrived in Mexico in January, friends of ours camping on the beach had a bizarre thing come wondering up the beach towards their campsite. A Leatherback turtle momma was headed towards their camp to lay her eggs. Luckily our friends saw her, and spread the word to keep a watchful eye out for the nest. Lots of different things would like to get their hands (mouths) on turtle eggs... mostly dogs and people! So thank goodness the eggs faired well and about a month and a half later on a beautiful Mexico late afternoon, we spotted the little guys making their way down the beach and towards the sea. It was radical! We had seen several Green Turtles (aka Black Turtles on the Pacific Coast) lay eggs and had seen a safe release, but Leatherbacks not so much. We are so stoked we got to be a part of this most amazing experience of nature.

The Baby Turtles attracted a crowd.

Go baby turtle GO!

Those footprints can be hard to climb out of!

I think I can, I think I can...

The kids were digging the baby turtles!

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