Friday, March 18, 2016


The Lineup! #pointbreaksrule
Work sucks and surf travel is awesome. This is a fact so why would anyone ever take their precious little time off to travel and surf at a mediocre wave? Why wouldn't you take your vacation at one of the best waves in the world? Too few people have way too little amount of vacation time. Don't blow it. Spend your hard earned dollars on a surf vacation at a top notch surf destination rather than surf at another run-of-the-mill wonky beach break. Granted, there are a few worthwhile beach breaks out there in the world but when we were professional surfers touring the world surfing contests and photo shoots, we never wasted our time and made sure the wave we surfed was a quality wave. Now as surf consultants we made sure to secure our spot in the line-up at the best left-point break in Mexico. Check out these photos to see why you should do the same and come ride with us!!!

Coach Cat ... All Shakas!

Coach Kristy enjoying the benefits of a long peeling wave!

Peter, one of our guests, with plenty of time to practice his trim. 

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